Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ooh-lala. Now, this is what I call "High Mummy Fashion".

After viewing my photos from the oh-so-fab baby shower, cousin Patty asked me via email whatelse I needed for my upcoming birth (aside from that Avent breastpump I requested). Apparently, she and her mom are preparing my baby care kit to be sent from Florida. Yay! (I swear, It's so cool to have relatives living in the US)

I immediately replied "BABYSLING!" and sent her some sites with babysling designs I've been drooling over. Right now, it's the stuff from Zolowear and Rockin' Baby Shop that I am absolutely in love with!

Yes, babywearing is a must for me! Despite the growing number of local babysling suppliers, I noticed there hasn't been much mums in Manila babywearing....where could they be hiding?! In my 8 months of pregnancy (wherein I am suddenly more aware of those other preggies or parents with kids), I have yet to see them pop up in Power Plant, Greenbelt or Glorietta. It's so sad that parents still insist on those bulky & boring prams! Even if the mom of my boyfriend got us one of those, I am certain I will be flaunting my lil cutiepie in a sling or pouch.

Whee! Can't wait for me in high mummy fashion joining the babywearing bandwagon! I'll work on some self-produced fashion shoot upon receiving the sling/pouch (given that I've delivered my son, of course!).

'Because your baby is the ultimate fashion accesssory'

I knew I could've been a copywriter!

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